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2016.07.10 09:02

As one of SONGJOONGKI's Fanclub, 'SONGJOONGKI_SINGAPORE' will be holding a fundraising event to raise money for the earthquake victims.

Song Joong Ki Singapore Fanclub hopes to raise at least 1,696,560won and to donate the earnings to World Vision Cambodia, for the affected victims in Nepal Earthquake.

With our donations, Song Joong Ki Singapore aims to provide disaster aid to the welfare of the country's children, to provide shelter and distribution of non-food items, child protection - including establishing several child friendly spaces, education, water and hygiene, to those who are affected by the Nepal Earthquake in India.

SONG JOONG KI has been donating to charity since 2004 through many various charity organisation. So as fans, SongJoongKi_Singapore wants to follow his example and help the less fortunate too, in honor of his 32nd birthday celebration.



To contribute to the fundraising drive, please send all cheques and bank transfer payments to:

POSB Savings 270-11858-5, indicate your name in the transaction note.


For international overseas fans, if you wish to contribute, please send your donations to our Paypal account: emilyngjongkey@gmail.com

(we are not liable for any currency conversion fees, so please do top up a dollar more for us to be able to withdraw it out. ^^)

***Please submit your form after you have sent in your donation.***

Link: http://goo.gl/forms/RmLKVV9bJYDdHz8H2


Together with the donation, please do send in your message for SONG JOONG KI + the amount that you have donated on the form, the link has been provided ^

The entire birthday support project will end on 5th September 2016, 11:59PM.

After which, we will be proceeding with the payment to World Vision Cambodia for the donations and to obtain the donation acknowledgement from World Vision Cambodia to mail together with the birthday messages to Blossom Entertainment by 19th September 2016.

For further enquiries, please mail to songjoongki.singapore@gmail.com.


Which organisation will the donations go to?

World Vision Cambodia 

Will we get acknowledged for our donations?

Yes, there will be a certificate to acknowledge Singapore fans' donations made under SONGJOONGKI's name.

What happens after the donation drive?

We will be compiling all birthday messages onto cards and to put into a scrapbook,

along with the donation certificate, we will be mailing them to Blossom Entertainment,

as proof of the fundraising drive for SONG JOONG KI, in honor of his 32nd Birthday Celebration.

Thank you so much for your time!!!

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